Friday, May 31, 2013

Bigfoot with child?

This interesting photo appears to show the adult bigfoot carrying an infant on his or her back.


  1. None of these pictures or videos are real, Randal Hart, the person who runs the blog, has faked them all. You only have to look at his YouTube channel to see it was him who filmed the Beacon Bigfoot videos, the ones he is claiming were filmed by others on here. All these pictures and videos are HOAXES!!

    1. I did not fake any of these submissions, nor was I present when any of the footage was taken. I will post anything that someone who claims to have seen a bigfoot submits. Although I do have a background in the sciences, I do not consider myself to be qualified to pass judgement on any of these photos or videos. I have bee quite startled by the amount of trustworthy people who have told me about their bigfoot encounters. I am keeping an open mind and am not here to judge the photos and videos.

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