Monday, May 6, 2013

Fishkill Creek

This photo was taken by a fisherman at Fishkill Creek in Beacon. 


  1. I hope those boots kept the person in the suit's feet dry. Dear god, how awfully bad can you get?

  2. Is this a joke or what? Do you seriously think even the most dumbest of people believe your videos are real? Any grade school kid could of may a better video than you show!

    This type hoaxing hurts the researchers like me a great deal. No wonder why most people don't believe in bigfoot. Now i know for a fact that the Hudson highlands has a small population of them.
    My first sighting was in the Putnam Valley/Kent cliffs area. Over the years I have had many encounters/sightings. I "know' what they look like! And what you show, is the "perceived image" of what most people think they look like. Your all wrong! I am a full time fur trapper/hunter (retired). All I do is search for these animals.

    But now, you've made my efforts a laughing matter! What's wrong? do you need attention?, money? or what? Take down this sight, your a disgrace! My name is John W. Jones my Email is:

  3. I did not start this blog for attention or money or fame, just to give the residents of the Beacon area a forum to share what they have been seeing. I do not judge the submissions that come in, I try to remain objective and merely present what people send me. I've met with a few people in person who have had encounters and they seem very genuine but trepidatious about coming forward with their evidence for fear of being ridiculed which I have complete sympathy for.